KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten

It all began with a competition presentation by Heine/Lenz/Zizka that left KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten convinced.

What followed was an intensive conversation on how to resolve the discrepancy between the firm’s external perception and its vision of itself.

For the website design, we thus used architectonic metaphors like space and planes, foreground and background, vistas and interior views, to open up surprising perspectives on the work and achievements of the international architecture firm. It starts with the navigation itself: the website is a single page, that is, the user can travel up and down as if in an elevator to reach the next level, the next menu item. The design had to represent the creative architect as well as the solid master builder. Hence large-scale image formats and video impressions are combined with systematic facts and links that can be pursued in greater depth. 

Atmosphere and information are equally relevant and unfold on their own distinct levels, which are attractively intertwined.