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09 | 12 | 2015

Object: Edition for Light Installation WORTFUSION/ Material: Steel panel, lasered, powder-coated, gold / small: 30x3,5x3cm / 201 g // large: 50x6x5cm / 560g //

Text: Edition for Light Installation WORTFUSION by the Paulskirche in Frankfurt for the German Unity Day

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27 | 11 | 2015

The exhibition was realized in collaboration with the Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival, the Wenders Images and the Wim Wenders foundation. It is shown at Reservatório da Mãe d’Água das Amoreiras in Lisbon and open from 7th November 2015 until 2nd April 2016.

Organized by Wim Wenders Foundation, curated by Anna Duque y González and Laura Schmidt.


Poster design by Heine/Lenz/Zizka

Wim Wenders, Achim Heine, Michael Lenz, Peter Zizka, Fotografie, Grafik, Typografie, Tim Juedemann
25 | 09 | 2015

The Light Installation of Peter Zizka was organized in association with the Atelier Markgrapgh. Starting on Monday it can bee seen at the Frankfurter Paulskirche daily from 21 pm until 23 pm. The project »Wortfusion« for the 25th anniversary of reunification of German deals with the language development during the German-German separation. Hyper meets Broiler – the west German maximize attributes are being compared with functional terms from the GDR. All of this happens very cautious on a typographic level and without any rising balloons.

Watch the Video of the Installation here.


The exhibition „Secret Compartments“ looks at the hidden stories behind objects. Thereby it offers within 30 single presentations a heterogeneous and versatile view of the collection from the Museum Angewandte Kunst. The exhibitions kicks off a discussion about Unconcealment and asks from different points of view, how a museum and its collection works.

The Newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau commented: "What is a single consecrated wafer against the pyx from France (anno 1250)? Curator and Artist Peter Zizka placed it in the middle of three walls, of which kind naturally looking tongues are reaching out. Peter Zizka who was once was an altar boy and always remembered the sight of all these tongues reaching out from the otherwise conservative townsmen to receive the wafer.“

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Street-Content Metamorphosis Project

September 2014 / Görlitz

»street-content metamorphosis project« by Eike König and Peter Zizka for »Deutsche Studienstiftung« with students u.a. from the master classes of the academies of art in Düsseldorf and Bremen as well as different German design faculties. 

Architecture is usually a physical constant cast in stone or carved out of it in our everyday life. At most, the wrecking ball, the demolition squad or the ravages of time are to change anything about this situation. The task in the context of the workshop was to bring color and content into this immovable world with the help of the subversive potential of our thinking. The students immersed into this static world to transform static circumstances with the power of the word and typography. No graffiti in the traditional sense, no illustration, but the interaction between typeface, content and space create a discourse that is usually reserved for signage systems. 

The city of Görlitz gave its best to make this project possible by granting access to an old electric substation and Renaissance buildings, where the students could work collectively.


A. Pollmann, J. Mester  |  J. Büttner  |  I. Enders


On the initiative of »Bürgerschaft«, the legislative assembly of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the senate set up a competitive bidding for the design of a »Gedenkort für die Deserteure und andere Opfer der NS-Militärjustiz« (memorial for deserters and other victims of the National Socialist military justice).

The Berlin based artist and participant of documenta-IX Via Landowsky was asked among other renouned artists such as Olaf Menzel and Ilya/Emilia Kabakov to take part in the competition. For his contribution he asked Peter Zizka for support.

Two different elements emerged from the collaboration. They offer possible solutions on how to account for the topic, while pointing out the unrepresentability of the crimes at the same time:

For one thing the so called »76er-Denkmal« (Monument of ’76) located at Dammtor Hamburg was covered with a permanent yet temporary looking scaffolding, for another thing a logo, resembling an archivally perforated sheet of paper, was developed that served as informative as well as a commemorative plaque. An app and a website medially supported the memorial. 


The walkable scaffolding faciliates a non-invasive access to a monument which, according to Third Reich’s pretension of its thousand years of existence, resembles a enormous and intangible monolith. It allows for a closer observation resulting in a more profound engagement with the presented. On arriving at the top, the visitor realizes that he is dealing with a hollow body in both an architectural and a substantial way. By this the processuality the monument draws the attention to the never-ending reflection of the illegitimacy of the National Socialist dictatorship and its victims. 

The perforated sheet symbolizes the manifestation of power and terror in bureaucracy as administrative tools in the background of the regime.   


»Even though the submission will not be realized in the end, the collaboration has brought us a big step forward. Vias conceptional approach to almost insoluble ideas of rededication in public spaces was accompanied by an intense and serious engagement with the ‚76er-Denkmal’ and its political dimension. I learned a lot during this process which also showed me new lines of thought beyond design strategy - I’m honestly grateful for that«, says Peter Zizka.


In his series „Outsider and Insider“ the Berlin based photographer Oliver Mark portrays personalities of public life with Impossible Instant film. The result is a manifestation of instant photography’s great virtues: Every image is proof that Polaroid cameras are simply resistant to practiced camera smiles. The moments it captures never fail to be unique and authentic.

 „Oliver Mark – Outsider and Insider“ is the first issue of ‚Instant Statements’ – initiated and edited by Achim Heine and published by Hatje Cantz.


Peter Zizka was invited to host the 5th edition of the Hannover based »OUT THE BOX« series.  Little objects were to be drawn from a box as impulses for an entirely spontaneous lecture with unforeseeable ending.

Documentation Interview 

A Dynamic Interplay of Architecture and Typography

The motorway church at Siegerland towers above the Wilnsdorf rest stop like a stylized silhouette. The spectacular design by the Frankfurt architects Schneider and Schumacher offers travelers a place of peace and contemplation. The design itself is based on the well-known pictogram referring to motorways.

Peter Zizka was asked to design an inscription next to the entrance, quoting a verse from Psalm 91:11:

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.”

To match the religious text, this typographical interpretation uses a dynamic, cursive lettering with a linear base axis. Similar lettering can also be found on the backs of Italian sports cars.


Audiences were enthusiastic about our presentation at the cxi Conference on June 12 in Mainz, where designers and clients appeared together to discuss particularly successful projects before a group of students and marketing professionals. Finn Sienknecht and Florian Kaps, founders of The Impossible Project, presented their collaboration on the development of a corporate image for their company, which seeks to save instant film from extinction by continuing to produce “Impossible” film in a former Polaroid factory in the Dutch town of Enschede.

The virtual minefield at the UN in New York.

Peter Zizka’s project really gets around. After it was presented in Geneva, the exhibition travelled to New York where it could be seen at the United Nations.


Small arms represent a problem that the UN knows only too well. Surplus stocks and production facilities from the former Warsaw Pact states and China as well as weapons from stocks and factories in Europe find their way into conflict areas despite export restrictions. Peter Zizka’s SYMBIOSIS project seeks to render these weapons harmless while at the same time initiating a socially relevant process that can help make the problem of small arms visible to a wider audience.
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a connecting punch

We believe it’s time to thoroughly shake things up on the confectionery front, which is content to glaze over everything with the sweet coating of obligatory bliss during the Christmas season.

We decided to bring two opposing forces together that would otherwise have nothing to do with each other-apart, that is, from their ability to impose order. The cookie-cutter embodies the brutality of a formal standard when it comes to the corporate design of Christmas treats, while brass knuckles keep things in their proper place in the muscle-bound, bare-knuckle ring. In the end we came up with a penetrating combination of cinnamon-cookie idyll and New Year’s head banging-naturally in stylish gold plate.

the virtual minefield

Peter Zizka conceived the virtual minefield as a mix of art project and installation. Our society bears joint responsibility for the use of landmines and has continued to produce and improve these types of weapons. Yet landmines have been thoroughly banished from our own lives and are now considered a barbaric means of force.

The idea behind the virtual minefield: civic institutions, public authorities, schools, theaters, municipalities, companies, and private individuals can take on the world’s minefields by donating a minimum of 500 Euros to help clear a virtual minefield. Every donor receives a segment in the installation as confirmation for their agreement to take on this responsibility. The proceeds from this action would benefit Medico International’s mine-clearing projects in Afghanistan and Angola.

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